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MacSaveny Missions

Macsaveny Missionary Meet & Greet

Charlotte, NC | january 23, 2018

MacSaveny Family.jpg

Want your family or church to support bible translation in Africa?

Erin and Tim MacSaveny are skilled Bible translators who have been working fervently in Tanzania, Africa for several years. They are not only brilliant linguists & leaders, but also engaging and impassioned public speakers.

I am Erin's sister, and I live in the Matthews, NC area. I can say without a doubt that the MacSaveny's are hard working believers who serve the Lord with a genuine desire to bring His Word to those who are waiting to read it in their very own language- the language of their heart.

During their travels on their upcoming furlough, they will be making a stop here in Charlotte for some appointments to prepare them for their return to Africa. They would be blessed to meet you, share their story with you, & give you opportunities to be part of what their are doing through prayer and financial support.

Personally, our family chooses to support them monthly & feel so blessed to be part of the vital work they are doing overseas. I look forward to the day in Heaven when I meet the many who came to know Christ and His love for them because of the work the MacSaveny's & Pioneer Bible Translators have lovingly poured out. It is such an honor to be part of the process that allows them to continue their work & bring the Bible to so many who have not yet heard.

If you would like to attend a free meet & greet on January 23, 2018 (location & time to be determined), please submit the form directly below & someone will contact you soon!

Many blessings,

Kathy Thornburg

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