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About Us

Photo Credit: Anchor & Veil Photography

Photo Credit: Anchor & Veil Photography

The Thornburg Family


Troy enjoys coffee (seriously…he’s a bit obsessed) and his glorious beard. He loves his work in the non-profit realm connecting churches to their local middle and high school Bible clubs.


Kathy is a graphic designer who helps businesses with their design needs, marketing, and social media management. She gravitates towards anything creative or artistic. Kathy enjoys baking, creating videos, and snapping pictures.


"M" is full of laughter and loves being around people. He is a LEGO enthusiast, Star Wars fanatic, and big time bacon consumer. He wants to be a paleontologist some day.


"E" is very independent and always has an opinion to share. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. She wants to be a superhero dog when she grows up and spends her days writing and illustrating books for her family.



In February of 2013, our son was diagnosed with food allergies. After an allergic reaction to peanut butter and some blood tests, we found he not only had a severe peanut allergy but also moderate allergies to dogs, walnuts, eggwhites (now outgrown), and wheat (now outgrown). In 2015, he was also diagnosed with asthma. Both of our children have eczema.

As we have searched for answers, we have learned so much about allergies, made new friends, and grown closer as a family. The road is a difficult one that many people do not understand unless they have traveled it themselves. It is our hope that our family can be encouraging and helpful to other families navigating food allergies.