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IT'S TIME TO SLOW DOWN | A perfect day with you ❤️

Kathy Thornburg

Eden is five! I blinked, and everything changed. She is spunky and wild. She is so creative and smart. Her imagination is unbelievable, and I'm so excited to see what is in store for her future.

Her birthday was a special and sweet time baking together and celebrating Eden as a family. Not long after, we had a surprise day of amazing weather after several yucky and cold days. We decided to put our to-do list on hold, load up the bike, and make the very best of memories just slowing life down. I'm cherishing these moments while they are here and will miss my little buddy when she starts Kindergarten!

Here’s a look back at all of Eden’s past birthdays…

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24 HOURS WITHOUT KIDS! | Overnight Getaway

Kathy Thornburg

Not too long ago, Troy and I left for a quick weekend away to South Carolina. 🚗 We had a great time talking about everything from the fun memories of the past to the hopes and dreams for the future. Of course, thanks to Troy's travel hacking skills, we stayed at an awesome hotel for free and he even scored us some free cheesecake. 🍽️

I pretty much let Troy make the decisions for this trip so he planned everything from childcare (thanks Katie and Drew!) to all the places we would go in our 24 hours away.

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Kathy Thornburg

Making my kids’ birthday cakes has always been important to me and always memorable- even if they don’t go exactly as I had in mind. Now that my kids are old enough to want to have input on the details of their cake, it is even trickier! My biggest piece of advice…beware of letting your kid scroll through Pinterest to look for cakes they like. THEY WILL CHOOSE THE MOST DIFFICULT CAKE ON THE INTERNET! 😆

Milo's 7th birthday party did NOT go as planned. 🤪 Watch the video to find out what went wrong this year with the birthday cake plus a look back through cakes over the years. 🎂

Now, I’ve made many cakes over the years and have acquired many gadgets and supplies in that time. Here are some of my all time favorites and essentials for getting started.

My Favorite Cake Supplies:
Americolor Food Coloring
Revolving Cake Stand
Cake Leveler
Decorating Tips
Decorating Bags
Offset Spatula
Square Pan Set
Round Pan Set

My absolute favorite decorating tip is a 1M found HERE. Mine met its match in the garbage disposal. 😥 It’s definitely on my list of things to buy!

Every year is special, but I was especially fond of Milo’s pirate birthday cake.

Every year is special, but I was especially fond of Milo’s pirate birthday cake.

This Nerdy Nummies cake took our whole family 3 days to put together!

This Nerdy Nummies cake took our whole family 3 days to put together!

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Ants Aardvarks & Ice Cream | Weekly Homeschool Vlog

Kathy Thornburg

This week we learned all about ants and aardvarks! They really are amazing creatures. We also ended the week with a sweet treat! Check out these awesome resources for a unit on ants and aarvarks.

YouTube video homeschool resources

This week's Pinterest board

Recommended Books
Angry Aardvark to Zealous Zebra: Curious Creatures ABC
It's an Orange Aardvark
Can an Aardvark Bark?
Just Like Us! Ants

*Not a sponsored video. Affiliate links included.*