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Filtering by Category: Family

A NEW JOURNEY | Leaving Preschool Behind

Kathy Thornburg

We made a big change! Eden is no longer in preschool and we are now on a new journey through homeschool. This is an exciting and slightly overwhelming undertaking, but we feel it's what is truly best for our family.

I'd love to know your best homeschooling tips and your ideas for interesting themes. We are having a great time and look forward to sharing this journey with you!


Kathy Thornburg

We went to Disney and it was magical (and very hot). We spent one entire day at Hollywood Studios and we made the most of every moment. We started with magic hour, met lots of Star Wars characters, rode some rides, watched a lot of shows, and rode our favorite ride of the day in the NEW Toy Story Land!

*Not a sponsored video.*

LET'S GO TO THE MALL | Eden makes ALL the decisions

Kathy Thornburg

It's time for a mommy / daughter date day at the mall! I let Eden make ALL of the decisions and boy did she keep us busy. Any day with frozen yogurt is a day worth remembering. 😆

It's so special to set aside time to spend one-on-one with each of your kids. Eden and I had an absolute blast exploring the mall and chatting up a storm.

In asking Eden if I should add anything to this post, she said she loves her mommy and she loved the ice cream at the mall. Precious!

Boy VS Broccoli 🥦 | Inspired by cat vs cucumbers

Kathy Thornburg

This video was completely Milo's idea. He was the mastermind behind it all! He would love for you to share it with a friend and leave a comment. He thinks it will get 1 million comments. 😬 I tried to prepare him for a less popular reaction. 😂

I'm forever amazed at the creativity that comes from this kid. He is so fun and smart and such a blessing to our family.

OTTERS ARE MAGICAL | Chimpanzees are disgusting 🤢

Kathy Thornburg

Recently, we decided to go to the zoo and stay the night at a hotel so the kids can enjoy time at the pool. (yay for free nights with points!) We made so many fun memories in such a short amount of time. It was the perfect way to spend a weekend together as a family.

A few things we learned at the zoo:
1. Otters are special creatures full of fun
2. Chimpanzees are wild and pretty gross
3. Our kids have little interest in walking...anywhere

I hope you all are having a special summer with the ones you love! Leave me a comment and let me know about your summer adventures.