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Starting Kindergarten! 504 Meeting Time

Kathy Thornburg

The time has come! When my first child was born, I was already dreading the day he would start Kindergarten. I didn't know about his allergies at the time, but I just wanted those years with him to last as long as possible. To be honest, I just love being with my kids so much that sending them to school for so many hours in a day makes me want to cry.

When we found out our son had severe food allergies, I had another reason to not want this day to come too soon. It is a very personal choice to decide how to educate your child and what works best for them. We tried to be very open to all possibilities and feel like based on his personality and our family life, that a charter school situation would fit him best.

Of course, we believe that what works one year may not always be the best solution. We are looking forward to all that his school has to offer and are very optimistic to how they will handle his severe allergies and potential asthma flares.

Here is a little on the road vlog about our first 504 meeting. Just some thoughts from one food allergy parent to another!

If you would like some resources for how to understand what a 504 plan is, if you need one for your child, and what kinds of things they should include, I would highly recommend the resources linked below...

Explanation of 504 Plans from FAACT

 504 Resources from Kid's with Food Allergies

Thoughts on Nut Free Tables from Peanut Allergy

Helpful Tips from Vivian Stock-Hendel on Nut Free Wok