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PARTY PREP- food allergy style! (GIVEAWAY!!!)

Kathy Thornburg

Attending parties is a little different when you have food allergies. Bringing along your own special treat to events is key to staying safe, feeling included, and being prepared. We love to enjoy the desserts that are served at the parties we attend when we are able to verify they are safe for our allergies and dietary restrictions, but bringing along a back up treat gives us an option when we find ourselves in a situation we did not expect or when the menu changes at the last minute. With a little preparation in advance, you can be prepared for any party or event that comes your way!

*Check out Bo and Ty Sweets to learn more about their products!

*A big thanks to Bo and Ty Sweets for providing our family with samples to try and for sponsoring our giveaway. All opinions are our own. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!*

PhillySwirl Giveaway

Kathy Thornburg

PhillySwirl is a company I had not even heard of before being asked to review their products. It wasn't until after preparing my review that I realized my local grocery store I use every week carries some of their products! I guess as a food allergy mom, I just get used to skipping that aisle. You know...the one with all those ready-made desserts that are so yummy but unfortunately often contain many of the top 8 most common food allergens (especially wheat, eggs, milk, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts). It seems that most companies either use these ingredients in their frozen desserts or process their products in facilities that use these in other items. Without a clear peanut-free label, each frozen dessert item is likely to be dangerous for those with food allergies unless you have contacted the company and asked detailed questions to confirm whether or not their processing procedures are safe.

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