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Sunbutter Cups




Sunbutter Cups

Kathy Thornburg

I haven’t had anything with peanut butter in it since the day we found out my son was allergic to peanuts (along with other allergies). That means nearly 2 ½ years without a Reese’s peanut butter cup. I’m happy to live without eating nuts, but it’s always fun to reclaim bits and pieces of your past life and rediscover them in new ways that are safe for your family and even better than what you used to enjoy.

Here are some tips to making the perfect Sunbutter cup.

Choose your chocolate

I tried three different chocolates- vanilla white chocolate, Meijer brand semi-sweet chocolate chips, and Enjoy Life semi-sweet chocolate mega chunks. The white chocolate was a fail- causing me to have to eat the results out of shame. The Meijer and Enjoy Life chocolates had similar results but the Enjoy Life chocolate produced a higher quality and better taste in the end. I also found the Enjoy Life brand to be easier to melt and somehow easier to clean off of cups and spoons. My husband commented after eating both (not knowing which was which) that the ones made with the Meijer chocolate tasted overly sweet and the Enjoy Life chocolate had a better balance between the taste of the chocolate and the taste of the Sunbutter.

Choose how to melt

I decided since I was going to be melting several different chocolates that I would melt them in the microwave in small cups. If you go that route, just microwave for 30 seconds and then stir. Keep microwaving by 15 second intervals until you can stir it smooth. If you leave them in the microwave too long, you can scorch your chocolate, making it useless (which is basically a crime). If you are doing a really large batch and only using one variety of chocolate, a great option would be using a double boiler over the stovetop.

Choose your filling

I tried a few different fillings, including crunchy Sunbutter mixed with powdered sugar, no-stir creamy Sunbutter, and just one with chocolate Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter. If you want it to really taste like a Reese’s, you need to be sure to mix in powdered sugar to make it more like a dough. Personally, I preferred the smooth taste of the Sunbutter without the extra sugar. My husband swiped the only one with No-Nut Butter so I can’t say much about how that turned out. He says it was fantastic but we both agree we better do another test batch to be sure.

The simple how to…

  1. Melt your chocolate
  2. Prepare your filling (mixing in powdered sugar if you choose)
  3. Pour a small amount in the bottom of baking cups resting in a baking tin, followed by a scoop of filling (not all the way to the edges), and covered with more melted chocolate.
  4. Give your pan a gentle bang on your counter a few times to get all the bubbles out and to smooth out the tops (or tap the top sides of the papers individually if you have a sleeping baby around like me.)
  5. Set them in the fridge for a little bit so they can set up.
  6. Peel off the baking cup papers.
  7. I personally store mine in the fridge since they seem to melt quickly. Enjoy!