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PhillySwirl Giveaway




PhillySwirl Giveaway

Kathy Thornburg

PhillySwirl is a company I had not even heard of before being asked to review their products. It wasn't until after preparing my review that I realized my local grocery store I use every week carries some of their products! I guess as a food allergy mom, I just get used to skipping that aisle. You know...the one with all those ready-made desserts that are so yummy but unfortunately often contain many of the top 8 most common food allergens (especially wheat, eggs, milk, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts). It seems that most companies either use these ingredients in their frozen desserts or process their products in facilities that use these in other items. Without a clear peanut-free label, each frozen dessert item is likely to be dangerous for those with food allergies unless you have contacted the company and asked detailed questions to confirm whether or not their processing procedures are safe.

I am so pleased to have found a dessert that is not only as easy as sticking it in my grocery cart while I'm shopping, but also one that clearly states on the label that it is free from peanuts, dairy, and gluten as well as being manufactured in a peanut free facility. Beyond that, it is a delicious treat that everyone in my family enjoys (especially on a hot summer day!)

While researching PhillySwirl, I have also learned how great they are at connecting with customers on social media. If you have a question or concern about their products, they are quick to respond and get you the help you need.

I love their wide variety of flavor choices and that their Swirl Cups give you the opportunity to mix and match candy spoons with different flavors of Italian ice.

Want to beat the heat this summer with a special treat? Head over to YouTube to watch our PhillySwirl video review. Leave a comment on the video with either your favorite flavor or a flavor you would like to see PhillySwirl use in the future. (Of course, we would love for you to subscribe to our channel and like the video as well!) You have until June 30th to leave a comment for a chance to win a VIP coupon for a free box of PhillySwirl AND for a coupon you can share with a friend! (GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED!)

Disclaimer: We received one box of each product reviewed in order to use the product in our photos and videos as well as to give us the chance to try the product for ourselves. Our opinions are our own!