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Our First Mommy / Boy Bento




Our First Mommy / Boy Bento

Kathy Thornburg

After days of making lunches solo (usually while the kids eat breakfast), today it finally happened. A sweet 3-year-old looked up at me and said, “I want to make my bento today.” Uh oh. I knew it was just lunch, but the thought of him “helping” me was a little scary. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but decided I was up for the challenge. So we pulled up the big bench to the counter, got out all of our supplies, picked up our book for the day, and started making a plan. We talked about all that we liked in the book and what things we wanted to include in the lunch. I let him have a say in what foods we picked and let him do the scooping and cutting (butter knife only). Any sharp cutting was of course handled by me while he had a kid friendly task to work on. 

Some benefits from bento-ing together…

  1. It’s fun to spend time together
  2. Kids love having an input in what they eat
  3. He gets to practice making decisions
  4. We can talk about healthy foods (and safe foods for his allergies)
  5. I can have him practice important skills like using utensils, sorting items, pouring, scooping, etc.

When your schedule allows, don’t be overly concerned about the time it takes to complete tasks. I’m all about being practical, efficient, and organized, but when raising kids, I believe it's important to include them in daily activities to help them practice skills, give you time to communicate with one another, and show them how valuable they are to your family.

Go make some memories in your own way today! Play in the snow (if you are “lucky” enough to live somewhere cold and white), build a blanket fort, or get out the Play-Doh! Take a few minutes today to show the littles in your life that you love them and encourage their creativity.

Details of our lunch:

  • Annie's Homegrown bunny cookies (Peanut and Gluten Free)
  • Sliced cheese bunny, mouse, and moon
  • Kitten shaped strawberries
  • Star shaped carrots
  • Craisins
  • Sliced ham
  • Spinach tortilla shell blanket
  • Rice cake pillow
  • Cottage cheese "mush"

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