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Duckie Deck Trash Toys App




Duckie Deck Trash Toys App

Kathy Thornburg

Today, we decided to theme our food and a craft around an app that's popular in our home. Duckie Deck Trash Toys provides children with all the little scraps, spray paint colors, paper clips, and buttons you need to create your own creations out of found treasures. This game is easy to understand and encourages little ones to think creatively. There are no wrong answers in Trash Toys!

I really like that this app offers so many choices and allows you a lot of freedom in how you can decorate your toy. You could play this again and again with a new end result each time. My boy enjoys saving pictures of his creations to the Ipad camera roll so he can look back at them later.

We decided to search around the house for items we could use to make our own Trash Toy and now our beloved "Jake" the Trash Toy has been tagging along with us all day. If your child is very young or has a little sibling, any small parts you use could be ripped off fairly easily and can become a choking hazard (only if you make REAL trash toys.....the app itself cannot be easily swallowed).

We also made our snacks with this app in mind. It was so easy to do (and fun too)! I simply set out any ingredients I was ok with my son eating for snack and let him make all the decisions. It was a joy to see him take charge and to see him so proud of the finished product.

Here are two examples of what my guy created with the Trash Toys app.

Trash Toys 1.jpg

Check out Duckie Deck HERE to see a video about the Trash Toys app. Then, head over to the App Store to add Duckie Deck Trash Toys to your app collection for $2.99.

Disclaimer: Duckie Deck provided us with a free copy of Trash Toys in hopes that we would tell our readers and followers about it. We only share our honest opinions and hope you will enjoy playing the Trash Toys app as much as we do!