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Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestra App GIVEAWAY!




Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestra App GIVEAWAY!

Kathy Thornburg

As a mom, there are a number of things I look for in an app. Before I let my kids play with a game, I play it myself to see how it measures up. I’m looking for the purpose of the app, the ease of use, the presence of in-app purchases, and its overall value to our family.

Duckie Deck is devoted to making quality, engaging apps with a child’s creativity in mind. Today, I’m going to tell you about their app, Homemade Orchestra.

The purpose of this app is to both inspire creativity and provide interactive entertainment. It inspires children to look at the world around them and see things in a new way. My children loved searching our own home for items we could use to make our own music.

Homemade Orchestra is fun for both my 3 year old and my 1 year old. This game would be enjoyable for a wide age range. It’s easy to use and understand thanks to its simplicity and intuitive actions. I love that my children can navigate the game by themselves- making it great for long car trips when the Ipad is beyond my reach.

Homemade Orchestra contains zero in-app purchases or other ads. Many apps out there offer the ability to unlock more options at an additional fee. While I am not against the opportunity to add more bells and whistles to the apps we already love, I don’t appreciate it when apps give children a peek at what can be purchased with a big lock button on it. Thankfully, with Homemade Orchestra, this is not a problem and their play is never interrupted.

Everyone in our family agrees that Homemade Orchestra is a treasure and worthy of holding a spot on our Ipad. We love that it focuses on music because we believe music is highly creative and so important to encourage in the life of a child. This app takes it one step further and let’s your child manipulate a variety of instruments and experience new sounds.

Homemade Orchestra provides children with two ways to experience the app- each instrument individually or with several instruments at once.

When played together, these virtual instruments inspired by household objects mesh together to play an upbeat tune that will make your little ones want to get up and dance.

After playing with the app together, we decided to search our home for things we could use to make our own sounds and music. Here are some of the creative items we found! We had such a great time playing together and thinking about the items in our home in a whole new way.

Find Duckie Deck: Homemade Orchestra in the Itunes App Store or on Google Play.

Don't forget to enter our app giveaway at the top of the post! We will be choosing one winner every day for 5 days starting August 4th. (GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED!)

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Disclaimer: We were provided with one free copy of Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestra so we could try the app for ourselves and give you our honest opinion.