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Filtering by Category: Food Allergies

Our Disney Experience with Food Allergies and Gluten Free

Kathy Thornburg

Disney is a magical experience but it can be overwhelming- especially if you have dietary restrictions and food allergies. I've got to say to that Disney is very food allergy aware and it's clear that the staff there have been trained and know what to do to provide you with a safe and enjoyable dining experience. If you have the time and budget for it, I hear the character dining experiences are wonderful and super special. For us, we kept it low key and chose fast dining places so we could get back to the rides (life with kids!)

Food Spots at Disney World and Disney Springs (the ones WE visited)...
Casey's Corner
Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café
Pinocchio Village Haus
Backlot Express
Blaze Fast-Fired Pizza
The Daily Poutine

Try Uber Eats

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Kathy Thornburg

There are so many things that make Milo an awesome and unique kid. His food allergies are part of his life but not his defining quality. This week he had a very long doctor's appointment for a walnut food challenge. We wanted to share the journey with you!

This was his first experience eating walnuts as we have always avoided them due to positive allergy test results. Over the years as his blood test and skin test results have changed, his allergist felt it would be safe for him to try eating walnuts while under observation at the doctor's office.

This was our first food challenge with this doctor but not our first challenge ever. He also had an egg challenge, which he passed, when we lived in Ohio. For this challenge, we had to track down peanut safe walnuts (not the simplest task). I then washed, dried, ground them down, incorporated a very specific amount into cookie dough, and baked them. He was not allowed to eat when he woke up that morning and only had cookies to eat until lunchtime. It sounds like every kid's dream, but it seemed like quite a chore to him. After two cookies, he started to complain about all the sugar and eventually said no more. Thankfully, he made it through enough doses that the allergist cleared him and said he passed! We are so excited for him and thankful for a smooth and positive experience.

Over the years, his list of allergies has both shrunk (outgrowing wheat, eggs, and walnut) and grown (adding in a slew of environmental allergies). We just keep persevering and doing our best not only to keep him safe and healthy but also to keep him from being solely known for his limitations. He is one super cool kid, and the less we talk about and focus on his allergies- the more everyone in our family thrives. I hope that bringing you along encourages you on your journey- whatever it may be.

The Direction of My YouTube Channel

Kathy Thornburg

Many of you first found me because of food allergies. As my son gets older, I feel the need to give him more privacy online in regards to his food allergies. This subject will still come up here and there but most likely will center around how I handle situations and not how he is handling food allergies. If there ever is content about either of my children on this channel or on my blog, it is never shared without their permission. SO what does that mean for the content you can expect in the future?

Our main focus will fall into the following categories...

  • MAKING A LIVING (my graphic design business)
  • ME (about me or encouraging you!)

Food allergies will trickle into those videos whenever it comes about naturally but will not be forced into the mix otherwise.

*This post is not sponsored.*

PARTY PREP- food allergy style! (GIVEAWAY!!!)

Kathy Thornburg

Attending parties is a little different when you have food allergies. Bringing along your own special treat to events is key to staying safe, feeling included, and being prepared. We love to enjoy the desserts that are served at the parties we attend when we are able to verify they are safe for our allergies and dietary restrictions, but bringing along a back up treat gives us an option when we find ourselves in a situation we did not expect or when the menu changes at the last minute. With a little preparation in advance, you can be prepared for any party or event that comes your way!

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*A big thanks to Bo and Ty Sweets for providing our family with samples to try and for sponsoring our giveaway. All opinions are our own. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!*