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Label your items in style with Name Bubbles

Kathy Thornburg

I'll be the first to admit, when I heard of Name Bubbles for the first time I wasn't sure it was a product worth having. Of course, this was before I had children in school! I couldn't imagine how a single child could need sooo.....many.....labels. Labels for their shoes? Labels for their snack containers? Labels for their clothing? Really? Yes, really!

I was intrigued by their company and started following them on social media. Then, one day they had a giveaway going on, and I just happened to be the lucky winner! We designed our labels and submitted our order request and waited patiently for them to arrive in the mail.

My opinion was instantly changed! Name Bubbles made getting our children ready to start school so much easier. They wanted to take care of their things even more because they had designed their labels and were proud of them. I know their teachers appreciated having everything clearly labeled as well!

As someone with experience teaching little kids, I can tell you just how helpful Name Bubbles can be in the classroom. As a parent, you may not see how the label madness really matters, but believe me- it makes such a big difference!

I've had students with the same lunch boxes, water bottles, shoes- you name it! Trying to send home the right items with the right kids can be challenging. Some parents try to label items with a permanent marker (which doesn't look great), with some type of tape with marker (which eventually falls off), with home printed labels (which get wet and smear), or they skip labeling their child's items all together. If you look at any school's lost and found bin, you can see that many parents choose this route and in turn lose some expensive items.

When a student uses Name Bubbles, it makes it easy for a teacher to keep track of several students items at one time. Using Name Bubbles can help keep you from losing items you've spent your hard earned money on which makes it an investment that just makes sense.

Both of my children have the school labels pack which includes:

18 Small Rectangle Labels
16 Rectangle Labels
2 Big Rectangle Labels
4 Square Labels
8 Shoe Labels
28 Clothing Labels

They also sell labels specifically for those with food allergies that help alert others of your dietary needs that you can find here. I encourage you to check out Name Bubbles, subscribe to their newsletter, and get geared up for the upcoming school year!


*DISCLAIMER: I received one free set of labels to review and to allow me to share my honest opinions with my readers. I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do!

Emergency Medications ON THE GO (and an Allermates Giveaway!)

Kathy Thornburg


We take epinephrine injectors every place we go every single day. It's important to us to find useful products to take all of these emergency meds from place to place and to come up with systems that help us always know where our meds are and to never leave them behind. Over the years, we've learned what works best for us and what items we've outgrown as our needs change.

Watch the video above to hear what products we've used in the past and products that are on the market that might work well for you. The new Allermates My Meds bag is sure to become our new favorite (especially for travel since it's the only bag that will hold EVERYTHING).

The My Meds bag in the video is available for preorder for $20 and will ship out in mid-September. A big advantage to this option is that it is made specifically for allergy and asthma medications.

What can fit in the My Meds bag? Here's what I managed to fit in one as reference (picture above does not include all the items listed below).

  1. Rescue inhaler
  2. Daily inhaler
  3. Inhaler chamber
  4. 2 epinephrine autoinjectors
  5. Bandaids
  6. Neosporin
  7. OTC allergy med liquid and cup (for dog allergy reactions)
  8. Insurance card
  9. Allergy and asthma action plans
  10. Emergency contact information
  11. Allergy awareness bracelet

Everything fit pretty comfortably until I added the inhaler chamber. It definitely fits, but it's just so long that you have squeeze the mask end a bit while zipping it closed. I think a bag any bigger than this would be bulky and difficult to cart around so I'm willing to wiggle the zipper to squeeze it all in this size! The velcro pockets inside of the bag are almost the right size for our inhalers but not quite. One fits perfectly and the other one needs to be put in upside down and the mouthpiece portion has to hang out the top.

Click HERE to preorder your My Meds bag at! While you're there, check out there other awesome products (my son is REALLY into the Guide to Allergies book and is having me read it a lot!)

If you want to check out some Allermates products available on Amazon, here you go!




Winner will get to choose one of the dog tags pictured below, allergen alert stickers, and one blue "I Have Allergies" bracelet. Giveaway open to those living in the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

Love With Food- Subscription Box Service with a Gluten Free Option

Kathy Thornburg

There's something very exciting about subscription boxes. They seem to have ones available for just about every hobby or need you could imagine. It's like a present you give yourself every month! Surely I'm not the only person who feels like a kid on Christmas when that FedEx man brings you a package you forgot was on it's way.

I'll be honest, I've never had one of these box subscriptions before. Mostly because I am one of the thriftiest (ok...cheapest) people I know. I mean...I still have a flip phone to save a few $$$ a month.

Enjoy Life Foods and Love With Food recently sent me a box and boy was it fun to go through. All gluten free and top 8 free goodies that my kids were begging to rip open and devour.

So is Love With Food right for your family? Maybe! It all depends. If you have no dietary restrictions, it looks fabulous! You'll get a lot of quality foods to try and might find your new favorite brand to keep on stock. If you only avoid food items containing gluten, they have a gluten free box option that would be a perfect fit. Avoiding nuts, dairy, or other allergens? This might not be the service for you. You can't customize your box to avoid a certain ingredient at this time.  I really appreciate Love With Food for taking the time to kindly respond to my questions. I totally understand that they don't have the ability right now to offer so many different customized boxes.

If you are interested in trying out Love With Food, you can try it for just a month, 3 months, 6 months, or for a whole year. The bigger plan you buy, the cheaper your monthly box.

Head to Love With Food using my referral link HERE to start your subscription today!

Here's a peek at what came in our box so you can get an idea of what they are like....

15 fans can win a free box by tagging @enjoylifefoods and using #EatFreeLove, telling Enjoy Life how they’re celebrating Celiac Awareness Month. Limited to US only and must enter by May 31st at 11:59pm PST. 

Disclaimer: We were provided with one Love With Food box to try out and enjoy.