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3 Ways to Customize Brownies




3 Ways to Customize Brownies

Kathy Thornburg

Although the Enjoy Life Foods Brownie Mix is fabulous on its own (even before baking...that batter is delicious) here are three ways that we made our brownies extra special.

1. Hidden Sunbutter Cup Brownie

To make this brownie, I scooped a small amount of batter into my prepared mini pie pan and then set one homemade Sunbutter cup in the center. Next, I added a little more batter to cover the Sunbutter cup. After baking and cooling, I drizzled the top with melted Sunbutter and chocolate sauce.

2. Cookie Dough Brownie

For my next brownie, I simply put some brownie batter in my prepared pan and topped with a small disc of homemade cookie dough. To make your cookie dough shape just right, roll your chilled cookie dough  between your hands into a ball and squish it down to look more like the shape of a baked cookie before setting it right on top of your batter.

3. Sunbutter Cup Topped Brownie

After preparing my brownie batter and putting it into my mini pie pan, I chopped up a cold Sunbutter cup and gently pressed the pieces into the top of the brownie batter. They were soft but held their shape throughout the baking process.

For all three of these brownies, I made sure to spray and flour (using the new Enjoy Life All-Purpose Flour) my mini pie pans before adding the batter. I baked them at 350 degrees for 20 minutes before taking out of the oven to cool.

Want to turn your regular brownie mix into an edible brownie bowl? Check out my previous post for details!

Disclaimer: We were provided with a sample pack of the new baking mixes in order to try out the product and give our honest opinion to our readers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!