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Thinking about Birds (and wishing they would leave my strawberries alone)




Thinking about Birds (and wishing they would leave my strawberries alone)

Kathy Thornburg

Lately this mama bird and two of her little babies have been noisily scouring our yard for food. Any time one of our strawberries is finally ready to pick, they swoop down and devour it. The way those babies squawk with urgency compels their mom to scurry around, quickly find food and deliver it to their mouths. I can relate to this mama bird at times. She loves them and would gladly feed them anything she has yet that sound- that constant neediness can make you tired. No ones check on her to see if she managed to get breakfast for herself yet. She just goes and goes- her instinct is strong to help her family above herself.

Some days, like today, I get caught up in the to do list on the fridge- worrying about the fact I can't see the bottom of the sink, frustrated that a certain little girl won't leave the measuring tape alone long enough for me to see how big of a rug we should buy, and stressed that there's a pile of papers waiting for my undivided attention that just keeps getting bigger. All the while, tweet tweet, squawk squawk, MOOOOOOMMMMMM! Suddenly, I just give up on MY plans and look down at my own baby bird and think of what SHE needs today. I can tell she is frustrated that my attention is on other things so we talk about what she thinks we should do. The clear answer is READ BOOKS. She brought over a giant stack of books and we covered up with a blanket and read them all. Someday, I need to go through those piles of papers and clean those dirty dishes, but hey...that's what nap time is for, right? :)

I've also been listening to Slugs and Bugs Vol. 2 a lot lately and each time I hear the song "Do Not Worry", I'm reminded of how God will provide for me and for my little ones because He loves us with a love greater than we can comprehend. Take a deep breath, all you who are tired and up against a long to do list. God loves you! (I would maybe write more but my little bird has returned from her few minutes of play and she insists we play have an important Lego date to attend.)

Many blessings!

Matthew 6:25-28