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Tiger Nuts and How to Eat Them




Tiger Nuts and How to Eat Them

Kathy Thornburg

For most of my life, I didn't even know such a food existed. I had never even heard of tiger nuts until recently when I saw a friend post online about using them. Either this is one of those best kept secrets or I'm just really late to the game. :) Sometimes with a nut allergy, you gloss right over anything with "nut" in the word, assuming it's not safe when, in this case, it's not really a nut at all (it's a tuber).

image (7).jpeg

Our family was given a few products to try out and review including Premium Organic Tiger Nuts, Supreme Peeled Tiger Nuts, and Premium Organic Tiger Nuts Flour. After a lot of research and testing out these products in my own kitchen, I've found that I really like using them in our food. I also love how crazy healthy they are and how easy it is to get my kids to eat them in various recipes (although be warned that for young children, 6 and under, the unpeeled and peeled tiger nuts could be a choking hazard.) It was easy to get my kids to eat and drink things with the tiger nut milk and the flour in them. 

We used the unpeeled tiger nuts to make horchata (tiger nut milk) which we used for a dairy free smoothie. We used the peeled tiger nuts in homemade granola bars and the tiger nut flour in homemade Sunbutter protein bars. You can eat tiger nuts by themselves, but it is recommended that you soak the unpeeled ones overnight since they are really hard to bite otherwise. The unpeeled ones seemed to have a little bit more flavor and texture than the peeled variety, but of course the peeled ones were easier to eat quickly because I didn't have to remember to soak them first.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about tiger nuts and will consider adding them to your healthy lifestyle. If you want to learn more about Tiger Nuts and the products they have to offer, you can find their website HERE. If you've tried tiger nuts before, I'd love to know what meals and snacks you've added them to in the comments below! Have a wonderful, allergy friendly day!

Watch my video review from my YouTube channel...

Disclaimer: We were provided with several Tiger Nuts products to try so we could give our honest opinion to our readers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!